The Wonderful World of The Web

So it has been 5 whole days since my little website went live on the wonderful world of the web.

Now any of you who have put a website together knows all too well the hard work that goes into such a task. My hat goes off to you all...

So now you have your website and you are all happy with it and excited. Then you realise you have to get it out there. Ohhh the panic sets in, what if nobody visits, what if they think it's naff and even more importantly how do I even get people to visit it in the first place. So off you go researching the Internet for the best advice in getting on google. Well here is where I am.. I am in the learning process of basically advertising my little website on the Almighty Google.

There is a big list of do's and dont's which I am trying to figure out and I mean a big list. But I have no complaints. Every day is a school day after all.

So basically I want to thank everyone who has taken a little time to come and visit and I really hope you get to experience a trip to see me and this beautiful part of the world soon.


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